Black Book of the Past

Zbynek Ludvik and Vaclav Bures

     Such is the title of a long-awaited compelling book by Zbynek Ludvik and Vaclav Bures, bearing a subtitle „The Kosice Government Program – a reddish start with a red conclusion“. This work presents personal experience and testimonies of political prisoners under communism on crimes against humanity within the area of former Czechoslovakia after 1945 and after February 1948, in communist jails and in Jachymov concentration camps.

      Authors refuse to accept this so-called president Benes´ Kosice Government Program which provided the basis for planned beginnings of bolshevism in the country, and they release information – based on the accounts given by Czech prominent officials (General Syrovy, Dr. Maxa and others) – on Benes´ disguised pro-communist politics since 1918.

The book contains following chapters:

Introduction. Why these memoirs were written and an indictment brought against those who judged us.

     I.               The day when Benes returned together with communist Salzmann-Slansky and                        the Kosice Government Program.

     II.              Clerical calvary.

     III.             How I became a right-winger and remained one.

     IV.             Benes – a collaborationist with bolshevism, and therefore a nation´s traitor.

     V.              Noteworthy publications and titles.

     VI.             Miscellaneous.

     VII.            Conclusion – Table of contents.

      There is a warning on the book´s front cover: „This book is not recommended to former collaborationists with bolshevism from the National Front and to comrades. It could rouse emotions on the principle that nothing stings like the truth.“

      This remarkable, patriotic, honest and touching book is so full of immensely interesting information about individuals, events and perspectives of Czech and Slovak nations, that it deserves the widest public attention and a prominent space in political literature. After thoroughly studying the given facts we will often refer to notes and conclusions herein.

 Prof.Dr.Ing. Libor Brom, USA –